SNMPc Workgroup Edition

December 31, 2014: End-of-Life (EoL) announcement

In order to further drive innovation and new functionality into SNMPc, the Workgroup Edition was end-of-lifed as of December 31st 2014. No further SNMPc Workgroup or SNMPc Workgroup maintenance licenses will be generated.

Maintenance Renewal.

Customers with valid SNMPc Workgroup support contracts will be able to continue to download and apply any update patches for the duration of their current support contract. Upon expiry no further support contract extensions will be available.

Need to upgrade your license?

Now is the perfect time to trade up to the flagship SNMPc Enterprise Edition. For users wanting to continue to receive maintenance and support a low cost upgrade path from SNMPc Workgroup to the SNMPc Enterprise Edition is available. Please contact for details.