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AT-SNMPc7 Upgrade Offer

SNMPc Enterprise

With over 120,000 network managers trusting SNMPc to monitor their mission critical networks. You too can visualise, monitor and pro-actively manage your network. SNMPc is a secure distributed network management system that will monitor your entire network infrastructure.

The SNMPc software is Windows based and runs on Windows 7, 2003 & 2008 servers. SNMPc ships as standard with remote consoles and polling agents, full Trend Reporting, ODBC export, and Email alerting. Aditionally SNMPc Monitors WEB, FTP and other TCP services.

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SNMPc OnLine

SNMPc OnLine, an advanced SQL based reporting engine for the SNMPc Network Manager with a dynamic web front-end. Flexible presentation options offer performance statistics via dynamic reports, high-level summaries with out-of-the-box dashboards and drillable network maps.

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