Windows Version

The Scrutinizer collector for Microsoft windows collects NetFlow, sFlow, J-Flow, NetStream, IPFIX and other flow technologies. It stores 100% of all flows from several hundreds of flow exporting devices to deliver end-to-end, hop-by-hop visibility into how the data traversed the network, where problems arose, and when. The collection of 100% of the flows allows our customers to uniquely identify security threats, trend usage and reduce troubleshooting time, as opposed to tools that only supply Top “N” reports.

Scrutinizer’s Flow Analytics compares flow streams against behavior-based algorithms that detect many forms of Network threats (e.g. Scans, DDoS, C&C, APTs). These flow streams are typically very small and will go undetected by most flow solutions. If a worm or other type of malware infiltrates the network, Scrutinizer’s forensic reporting interface allows administrators to track it down.

Custom filters that watch for specific traffic patterns, both inbound and outbound, using flexible "include" and "exclude" logic sets are easily configured through the web interface. When when an event crosses a threshold or triggers an alarm, you can take corrective action. Alarms are user-configurable, which is critical to a proactive security strategy. Scrutinizer can pinpoint collateral damage, which ultimately improves overall situational awareness.

Scrutinizer is an industry-recognized and scalable flow solution with thousands of installations, making it one of the most widely deployed NetFlow solutions in the world.

Below are the minimum requirements for the downloadable Windows version of Scrutinizer.

    Minimum Specifications
    50 GB IDE or SATA
    Dual Core 2GHz+
    Operating System
    Windows Server 2008/2012 Windows 7/8

NOTE: Please keep in mind that the more flows you push to Scrutinizer, the more resources the software will consume. It is recommended that users purchase the Scrutinizer Virtual or Hardware Appliance if high NetFlow volume (> 10K flows/second) is anticipated.