Virtual Appliance

The Scrutinizer Virtual Appliance is a VMware/Hyper-V solution that scales to higher flow volumes. Although the feature set is similar to the Microsoft Software Appliance, the Virtual Appliance provides a more responsive interface and the underlying architecture is more in-line with our hardware solution. Since we support both VMWare and Hyper-V 2012, our virtual appliance fits seamlessly into your virtual environment, whether it is existing or planned. We can help you make this a smooth transition.

Below are the minimum requirements for an evaluation of Scrutinizer Virtual Appliance .

    Minimum Specifications
    100 GB
    1CPU 4 Core 2GHz+
    Operating System
    ESXi 6, ESXi 5, ESX 4, ESXi 4, Hyper-V 2012

All Scrutinizer appliances monitor for missed flow sequence numbers. When every exported flow counts, this solution provides even greater confidence that all the flows and records are collected all the time.

Our flow collection engineers have gone to great lengths to ensure that your organization can rely on the metrics presented in the dashboard. Accuracy counts and we guarantee it more than any other flow solution.