Easy Look

How It Works:

At the Easy Man or SNMPc Server you install Easy Look.

Easy Look set up a Secure WebSocket connection to a Com Server.

In the Mobile you run the App that also set up a Secure WebSocket connection to the same Com Server.

From the App you can monitor Current, History and Custom Logs. Ack Events, read Device Properties and turn polling On/Off.


Get a sneak preview:

Start the browser in your mobile or PC and download the App from:  http://easylook300.easysoft.se

Choose ‘Add to Home Screen’, close the browser and start the App from Home Screen. Use default settings and click the Login button.

System Requirements:

2 GHz, 12 GB RAM, Windows Server 2022/2019, Windows 10

Interested of a test in your own Network?

Send a mail to: info@easysoft.se

After we have received the mail we will setup a Customer ID on the Com Server and send you instructions how to install Easy Look at the Easy Man or SNMPc Server.

Screen Shots


Figure 1. Number of Alarm


Figure 2. Trace and Ack


Figure 3. Properties


Figure 4. Maintenance


Figure 5. Settings