Training Course TC26 - Solarwinds Toolsets Workshop



Solarwinds Engineers Toolsets Workshop.
Note this course can be run as a 'closed session' course focusing on a single organisation if required.
Course Location
  • On-site or at the Milton Keynes Regus Training Facility
  • One or Two Days (Two day course covers topics in greater depth)

Topics covered


Cisco Tools Overview

         Compare Running vs. Startup Configs

         Config Downloader

         Config Uploader

         Config Viewer

         Password Decryption

         CPU Gauge vs Router CPU Load vs   Advanced CPU Load

IP Address Management Tools Overview

         Advanced Subnet Calculator

         DHCP Scope Monitor

         DNS and Who Is Resolver

         DNS Analyzer

         DNS Audit

         IP Address Management

         Ping Sweep

SNMP Tools Overview

         MIB Viewer

         MIB Walk

         SNMP MIB Browser

         Update System MIB

         SNMP Trap Editor

         SNMP Trap Receiver

Network Discovery Tools Overview

         IP Network Browser

         MAC Address Discovery

         Network Sonar

         Port Scanner

         SNMP Sweep

         Subnet List

         Switch Port Mapper

Network Monitoring Tools Overview

         Network Monitor

         Response Time Charts

         Network Performance Monitor

         Syslog Server

         Watch It!

         NetFlow Monitor

         NetFlow Configurator

Network Performance Management Tools Overview

         Bandwidth Gauges

         Bandwidth Monitor

         Real-Time Interface Monitor

         SNMP Real Time Graph

Diagnostic & Security Tools Overview

         Ping vs Enhanced Ping vs Proxy PING

         Trace Route

         Edit Dictionaries

         Remote TCP Session Reset

         SNMP Brute Force Attack

         SNMP Dictionary Attack

Miscellaneous Tools Overview

         Send Page

         TFTP Server


         Spam Blacklist

         WAN Killer




  • Clive Taylor
  •  There is no certification associated with this course.
Who should attend
  • This course is designed for those people who will be responsible for the the Evaluation, Assement, Installation and Implementation of the Solarwinds Engineers Edition Toolsets.
  • Delegates should have a system level knowledge of their network Infrastructure, to gain maximum benefit from the day.

Please Note: The above course is available outside the UK by special arangement.

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