Training Course TC25 - Sniffer Workshop


Sniffer Network Analyser Workshop.

Note this course can be run as a 'closed session' course focusing on a single organisation if required.

Course Location
  • On-site or at the Milton Keynes Regus Training Facility
  • One or Two Days (Two day course covers topics in greater depth)
Sniffer Workshop  


  • Designed for Sniffer 4.6,  4.7 and 4.8
  • At the end of this workshop you will be able to:
  • Understand and use each module of the Network Associates Sniffer Pro Network Analyser.
  • Monitor your network to create Baseline reports.
  • Tell what's happening on your network in ‘real-time’
  • ‘Read’ a TCP/IP packet decode…. and it makes sense!!
  • Use Sniffer effectively to troubleshooting and quickly resolve problems in your networks.
  • Optimise your network and applications using the information you have gained from Sniffer Pro

2 day course Agenda

  • Sniffer Pro overview
    • Toolbars
    • Generating traffic

  • Monitoring Applications
    • Dashboard
    • Host Table
    • Matrix Table
    • ART
    • History Reports
    • Protocol Distribution
    • Global Statistics
    • Alarms
    • Sniffer’s configuration options

  • Understanding where to place Sniffer and what to do with it
    • Baselining
    • Benchmarking
    • Traffic Generation
    • Anomaly Detection
    • Fault Determination

  • Expert Sniffer
    • Expert Sniffer Model
    • Troubleshooting using Sniffer
    • Analysis of each Expert layer
    • Configuring Expert Thresholds
    • Expert Examples

  • Sniffer Reporter
    • How Reporter works
    • Setting up reporter
    • Generation Reports

  • Capture and Display
    • Navigation Tips
    • Setting and using Capture Filters
    • Display and Monitor Filters

  • Advanced Features
    • Real time Vs Buffer Views
    • Visual Filters
    • Address Book
    • Triggers
    • Protocol Forcing

  • Switch Expert
    • Concepts
    • Installing
    • Configuration
    • Using Switch Expert

  • TCP/IP
    • Transmission Control Protocol
      • Portals
      • Sockets
      • Segments
      • 3 way handshake
      • Flow Control
      • TCP Fields
    • User Datagram Protocol
    • DHCP
    • IP
    • Name resolution
    • ICMP
    • IP Fragmentation
    • NetBIOS & DNS

  • Frame Types
    • 802.2, 802.3 and Ethernet II

  • Examples

The course features a number of hands on examples at each module of the course, all notes and examples are provided in a 120 page manual and on CD.


Principal Consultant
  • Clive Taylor, a Network Associates Certified Professional (NACP)

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  •  There is no certification associated with this course.
Who should attend
  • This course is designed for those people who will be responsible for the the Evaluation, Assement, Installation and Implementation of  the Sniffer Analyser.
  • Delegates should have a system level knowledge of their network Infrastructure, to gain maximum benefit from the day.


Please Note: The above courses are available outside the UK by special arangement.

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