Training Course TC24 - Network Management Software Comparison Workshop



Network Management Software Comparison Workshop.
Note this course can be run as a 'closed session' course focusing on a single organisation if required.
Course Location
  • On-site or at the Milton Keynes Regus Training Facility
  • One Day
Topics covered
  •  Detailed 'side by side' comparison of Castle Rock SNMPc, Solarwinds Orion and WhatsUp Gold.
  •  Also covered, NetFlow Analysis, Microsoft Server Management through WMI and Wireless Networks management.
  •  Delegates attending this course will speedily shortcut the standard evaluation process by being able to assess how the main network management systems perform against each  other. Areas covered are:
    • Installation considerations (including Platform Specs)
    • Ease of setting up and configuring
    • Adding new product support (MIB compilation)
    • Event monitoring
    • Alert procedures
    • Reporting
    • Managing Routers, Switches, Servers and Wireless environments
    • Extending each system to full potential (and beyond with 3rd party add ons)
Principal Consultant
  • Clive Taylor
  •  There is no certification associated with this course.
Who should attend
  • This course is designed for those people who will be responsible for the the Evaluation, Assement of Network Management Software.
  • Delegates should have a system level knowledge of their network Infrastructure, to gain maximum benefit from the day.
Suggested Next Course
  •  On-site installation & training with system identified to best meet your requirements.

Please Note: The above course is available outside the UK by special arangement.

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