Easy Status Poller - Adds Extended Status Polling to SNMPc

Easy Status Poller

Easy Status Poller is an add-on product to SNMPc. By using Test Templates, Easy SP can monitor many devices/instances with minimal administration.

Test Templates can be created for monitoring of disk, cpu, processes, interface errors, unused ports etc. Each Test Template is bound to an icon

Status Tests are then performed on every device in SNMPc that has a corresponding icon.

 Easy Status Poller



Key Product Features:


Integration - easy integration with SNMPc.


Templates - by using test templates many devices/instances can be monitored with minimal administration.


Pre-configured Templates - choose among a number of pre-configured test templates for monitoring of cpu, disk, processes, duplex problem etc.


Synchronization - by performing a synchronization at regular intervals with SNMPc, devices are automatically added/removed from Status Tests.


Alarms - when a threshold is crossed a trap is sent to SNMPc.


Data types - all data types can be monitored.


Windows Service - runs as Windows Service.

Easy SP - System Description

When starting Easy SP a synchronization performs with the map database in SNMPc. A polling process is added for every device in SNMPc that has an icon that corresponds to an icon on a Status Test in Easy SP. Devices are polled at regular intervals and status information is sent to SNMPc as internal traps. Every midnight a new synchronization performs with SNMPc to check if any devices should be added/removed from the polling processes.

If not all monitored objects in a Status Test is passed, an alarmNew-trap is sent to SNMPc along with status information. All polled devices/instances has uniq trapIdīs, and a fired trap event is bound to the corresponding device in SNMPc.

An alarmCleared-trap is sent if there exist an alarm on a device/instance, and all monitored objects is passed in the Status Test.

A Status Tests can be of the type Single Instance or Table Instance. All data types (integers, counters and string values) can be monitored.

Easy SP - System Description

Figure 1. Flow Chart

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System Requirements:

Pentium III, 600MHz, 256MB RAM, Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT.

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