Easy SLM Adds SLM/SLA functionality to SNMPc

Easy Service Level Management (SLM) is an add-on product to SNMPc. By setting up Monitoring Groups, Easy SLM will give you an overview of the Event Log in SNMPc expressed as %Up Time, Down Time and Failures.

Service Level Agreements (SLA) contracts is bound to each monitoring groups and gives you instrumentation for measure network helth.

Web Reports: drill-down from annual reports to an individual node failure. Click here to view sample web reports.

Key Product Features:

  • Integration - easy integration with SNMPc minimizes the configuration
  • Monitoring Groups - devices and links in SNMPc is bound to one or more monitoring groups via flexible filter settings.
  • SLA Contracts - each monitoring group is bound to an individual SLA contract.
  • Monitoring Exception - permanent or non-permanent exceptions could be scheduled to comply with network maintenance.
  • Web Reports - annual, monthly, daily and event reports.
  • Customized Layout - lets you control colors, percent roundings etc
  • Public Distribution - all reports could be mirrored to a public web server via the built-in FTP client.
  • Access Rights - is controlled on group level.
  • E-mail Distribution - of monthly reports.
  • Windows Service - runs as Windows Service



SLA Reports:


Status Reports:

Status page shows nodes currently down and failures that has occured during the day. Information can easily be tagged on  to inform about affected customers, applications etc.
If security restrictions to SNMPc is a problem, the status pages may be copied to a public server via FTP


System Description

When Easy SLM starts it performs a synchronization with SNMPc. A monitoring process is added for every node/link that belongs to a Monitoring Group. Status information is updated continuously from SNMPc via Event Actions. At a regular interval a synchronization is done to ensure correct status information.

Every Monitoring Group is bound to an SLA contract (monitoring time period). Monitoring exceptions is scheduled (permanent or non-permanent) to comply with network maintenance.

Web reports is created every midnight. To safely distribute this information the reports may be copied to a public server via FTP. Access rights may be configured on group level. Monthly reports may also be e-mailed via SMTP.


Pentium III, 1,6GHz, 1024MB RAM, Windows 2008/2003/XP/2000.

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