Easy Call - Network Management via your Mobile Phone

Easy Call is an add-on product to management systems. Being away from your network management station will not stop you from getting important events in plain text to your Mobile Phone, Pager, Beeper or E-mail Box.

You are not tied to a PC and can always be reached. These are some of the great advantages you get by using Easy Call as your wireless message center.

These are some of the great advantages you get by using Easy Call as your wireless message center.


Key Product Features:

  1. Integration - takes input from a large number of systems including SNMPc , HP Openview, Extreme EPI-Center, IBM Director, CA Unicenter, Nokia NMS/10 etc.
  2. Event Sources - Syslog Messages, SNMP Traps, SMTP Mail, Mobile SMS, Text Files and COM ports.
  3. Filters - advanced filter settings for pattern matching and time scheduling.
  4. Flexible Configuration - by working with Support Groups and Receivers you will always keep a simple overview, even if you do a complex configuration with many filters.
  5. Duty Lists - by using a time scheduler you can automatically change receivers.
  6. Correlation and Escalation - by using a hold queue events can be delayed, correlated or escalated depending of what happens next.
  7. Paging - Multiple paging company support.
  8. Mobile Originated - send SMS via a mobile phone connected to the RS232 port.
  9. Request Acknowledge - guarantees that a receiver has read the message.
  10. Logging to Web Pages - accessible from Mobile Phones.
  11. Windows Service - runs as Windows Service.

Requirements: (Minimum)

Pentium III, 600MHz, 256MB RAM,

Windows 2008//2003/XP









Support Groups



Request Ack



SMS Server



Web Logging




System Description

Easy Call takes input from a number of sources. At a regular interval the source(s) is checked for new events. The events is then forwarded to one or more Support Groups for a filtering process.

The first filter is a time filter and the second one is a pattern matching filter on severity, source and message. An event passing all filters is forwarded to one or more receivers. The receivers could be mobile phones, pagers, mailboxes or winpopups.

For every receiver there is a time filter which also must be passed before the event is sent to the receiver.

Via the Web Interface (Enterprise Edition) the Event and Alarm Log could be viewed. The Web Interface is a simple Trouble Ticketing System for information to own personell and customer.



 System Description


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